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MBA Baseball is a state of the art Baseball Performance Company located in Santa Barbara, California. Our team is comprised of highly dedicated and motivated professional and former professional baseball players who have experience at all levels of the game… Little League to the Major Leagues. From Div. 1 scholarships, 101 mph velocity, multiple draft selections and playing alongside some of the best players in the world, to winning both a MLB World Series and Japan Series Championship... we know how to get results for our clients!

Injury Prevention
Maximum Velocity
Next Level Placement

Injuries have robbed more aspiring baseball players of reaching their dreams than anything else. First & foremost, our focus is to provide you with a plan to keep you healthy, so you can can consistently improve, from one level to the next!

Velocity or "speed" is the name of the game in sports, especially Baseball. Velocity opens door and provides opportunities. On the mound or in the batters box, our focus is to maximize your velocity, so you're able to play at the next level!

We're not only a state of the art training and development company, we're a fully fledged college recruiting company as well. Training with us will get you ready for the next level and when you are, we're ready to find you the perfect school. And our 100% college placement success rate can attest to that!

Suffice To Say... Our Clients Have Been Very Satisfied.


Average Client Pitching Velocity Improvement 


Average Client Bat Speed Improvement 


College Placement Success Rate!

Whatever Your Goal...

Making your local All-Star team, earning a college scholarship & free education, becoming a MLB draft pick, signing a million dollar bonus or a career in the Major Leagues... we have the expertise and experience to make it happen!

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The MBA Baseball team has a ton of experience & we’re here to pass it on to you!

6 x MLB Draft Selections.
2 Top 3 Round Picks
3 Div. 1 College Scholarships
1 Minor League Pitcher of the Year
1 MLB World Series Champion
1 Japan Series Champion
20+ Years MLB Scouting Experience

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There are very few instructors who can actually back up what they teach with proven, real world results. MBA Baseball Instructors can.

Scott Mathieson - Philadelphia Phillies
From 87 to 101 MPH
Eric Thomas - Milwaukee Brewers
From 86 to 97 MPH
Rob Harrand - Philadelphia Phillies
From 84 to 96 MPH



MBA founder, Rob Harrand was coached for two years by legendary 16-time All-Star and 8-time National League batting champion and Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, while pitching for San Diego State University; acquiring invaluable knowledge along the way.

Bill Bowman, MBA's Head Hitting Instructor, grew up watching and learning from his cousin, Hall of Fame Inductee Eddie Mathews. Bill draws upon this knowledge with his instruction at MBA Baseball.

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Our team of instructors consists of truly elite athletes:

96-101 MPH Velocity
44 Inch Vertical Jump
4.39 sec - 40 Yard Dash
6.4 sec - 60 Yard Dash
147 MPH - Golf Swing Speed

And we look forward to transforming you into a truly elite athlete, too.


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We're not just a state of the art training team, we're a fully fledged college recruiting team as well.
MBA Training Systems will get you ready for the next level, and when you are, we're ready to find you a school. And our 100% college placement success rate can attest to that.


Commitment To Excellence

We've seen a lot of great things this game can offer and it’s a wonderful experience that every player should have. However, we also know firsthand how frustrating and disappointing this game can be if you don’t approach it intelligently and optimize the limited time you have to improve. We want you to know that we're here to help give you the best opportunity to reach every goal and dream you set out to achieve in this game. Rest assured, we'll do everything we can on our end to make this a reality for you!

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